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How to enroll to study at Braden Institute


Before applying, it is important that you read our Terms & conditions.

If you are an international student, you should also know your rights and responsibilities while studying in USA.

Apply online

Enroll now by filling in our online application form - it's quick and easy and you'll hear from a Student enrollment Adviser as soon as possible.

Apply by mail or fax

If you prefer to apply by mail or fax, please download an application form and send a completed copy to:

Student enrollment Adviser
Braden Institute
Fax: +1 000 000 0000

What happens next?

This is a general description of what occurs once you’ve submitted your application to study at Braden Institute.   

There may be additional steps depending on the country you are applying from and your visa requirements.

  1. Submit your application – you can either apply online to join a course or send a copy by mail or fax.  Applying online is easy, fast and safe and goes directly to the Student enrollment Adviser who deals with your country of residence.

  2. Check entry requirements and availability – once we receive your application, we’ll check to see if you meet all the entry requirements for the course you wish to study.  We will also check that there are places available on your chosen course.

  3. Offer of a place or an alternative plan - If there is a place available and you meet the necessary entry requirements, then we will write to you with a formal offer of a place at Braden Institute.  If the course is full or you do not meet the requirements, we will offer you an alternative study plan.

  4. Deposit payment - To confirm your acceptance of the offer and reserve your place you will be required to pay the first installment of your fees as a deposit.

  5. Accommodation availability check - Upon receipt of your deposit, we will then check the availability of your chosen accommodation and hold a place in your name.

  6. Place confirmation - We will then write to you with a confirmation of your reserved course place.

  7. Accommodation & arrival confirmation - In good time for your arrival, we will ask you to forward on your flight information and confirm details about your accommodation.

  8. Meet you at airport or campus - we look forward to welcoming you either at the airport (if you’ve booked an airport pick up) or on campus.




Ask an Adviser

 Call us
 000 000 0000
 +1 000 000 0000 


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