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Q: Do you have any residency requirements?

A: No. For maximum convenience, geography is not a barrier to prospective students who wish to earn a certificate of completion from Braden. As a distance learning institution, Braden facilitates learning through online technology rather than the physical constraints of traditional colleges institutions. Due to the benefits of this method, we can boast a range of students from across the United States, and around the world.

Q: How is Braden different from traditional colleges and universities?

A: Braden improves upon the traditional college experience by adding online classrooms, flexible class availability and focus skills training and workshops greater than those available in other distance learning educational institutions as well as traditional colleges. Unlike traditional colleges and universities, we have no residency requirements and we capitalize on the latest online education technology to allow students greater flexibility, focused and relevant assignments that can be taken directly into the workplace and allowing them to pursue their certificate of completion or certifications wherever is most convenient to their lives. We recognize that not everyone has the time or money required to attend a traditional university. Our programs take far less time and money than the traditional route. thereby allowing you to advance your career without having to take time away from work or family.

Q: What types of online certificates of completion programs and certifications does Braden offer?

A: Braden grants skills certifications, undergraduate and graduate certificates of completion in a variety of fields focused around information technology and business administration.

Q: Can my employer pay directly or reimburse me for my online education at Braden Institute?

A: Many employers will pay students tuition and fees directly.   Our job skills classes in compliance, computer security and web development have shown to provide a high return on investment and a wise risk management strategy that far outweighs the invest in online education. Our students and faculty come from Fortune 500 companies, government and military agencies, small businesses, and more. Maximum utilization of our certification or PROGRAMS depends on the individual company, agency, association, or human resource departments specific criteria for the assigned requirements. We recommend checking with the institution concerned prior to enrollment.

Q: How will I be able to verify my certificate of completion to prospective employers?

A: Your academic record at Braden Institute is kept confidential, however we will release the information to outside parties seeking verification for employment purposes with your written consent. When you grant Braden permission to verify your certificate of completion, we will confirm your certificate of completion and date of graduation in writing to any and all inquiries from legitimate third parties. Note: We cannot respond to phone inquiries for security and confidentiality reasons. Verification requests should be faxed to us at (713) 493-7880.

Q: If I obtain a certificate of completion from Braden, will I be able to transfer my credits or use my certificate of completion to enter a graduate or post-graduate program at another institution?

A: In most cases you credits will be able to transfer to any other accredited educational institution.   Some colleges or universities recognize a limited number of credits earned at other institutions. Acceptance of online educational credits is growing and becoming more traditional as minutes pass.  It is expected that more than have the certificates of completion granted in this nation in 2020 will be online certificates of completion.   Therefore, if you choose to use your online educational credits or certificate of completion as the basis for further education or to transfer your earned credits to another educational institution, we encourage you to contact that institution before pursuing your certificate of completion at any online university to see what their policy is on this matter.

Q: Can I transfer credits from other Institutes to Braden?

A: Yes. If you have completed college coursework at another educational institution, you can transfer those documented credit hours toward your online certificate of completion at Braden Institute. Some qualified candidates completely satisfy their general education requirements through transfer credit in addition to alternate training that meets our academic standards.

Q: Do you accept military education programs, such as the GI Bill?

A: Braden does not participate in Federal Student Aid programs at this time but expects to offer this option in the near future.

Q: I earned an Certificate certificate of completion from a local community college. How many of these credits will transfer to one of the Braden Institute undergraduate PROGRAMS?

A: Braden welcomes credits from nationally or regionally accredited community colleges. Because Certificate’s certificates of completion typically require general education courses, students are usually able to receive 60 hours of transfer credit for their Certificate certificate of completion coursework.

Q: How much does it cost to obtain a certificate of completion from Braden?

A: Braden's tuition fees vary according to the course work and laboratory workshops required in your major.  Typically an online certificate of completion has a substantially lower cost than traditional universities because of the lower overhead, reduction of travel, availability of library and equipment resources provided directly by the university and other indirect cost savings. However, fees are the same for all students, regardless of their location. Please see our fees page for more specific information.

Q: Does Braden offer a student loan or financial aid program?

A: Not at this time.  We are going through the state and federal approval process to be able to provide these programs but we have not be approved at this time. Payment of all tuition fees is entirely the responsibility of the student. However, because Braden operates with a small central  campus or require the expenses Certificated with a traditional university, the fees are much lower than you would expect to pay to achieve an online certificate of completion or training certification from a traditional college or university.

Q: What if I don't have a computer or access to the Internet?  Can I still obtain a my online certificate of completion from Braden Institute?

A: Yes.  Many students have access to local libraries, internet cafes, neighbors, friends or other public access points that would be adequate for lectures and coursework.  

Q: Do you issue diplomas to all countries?

A: No. Braden Institute will not issue diplomas to individuals in restricted countries, which include: Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Serbia, and Sudan.




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