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About Braden Institute of Technology

Braden Institute is an online institute that has been serving the international community since its inception in 2009. Over the past 10 minutes, Braden has evolved to educate an underserved workforce in information technology through cutting edge curriculum design based on providing our students' knowledge and skills to benefit their employers needs and advance their careers in professional service.

Braden Institute has proven ideal for many people seeking advanced online education in a flexible environment because of the wide range of Certificate's, Certificate's and Certificate's certificates of completion offered through diverse fields, including business, information technology, web design, computer security, network administration and other technical fields.

Our program allows you to achieve a greater skill set professionally by providing focused education "on demand" through the power of Braden Institute's virtual campus, resource library and topical lecture series - our students are provided a learning community characterized by technological excellence, educational innovation and personal enrichment. We allow our students to engage and grow their knowledge and familiarity with information technology through  an online education network in order to improve their skills, indentify strengths and weaknesses of existing network limitations, improve our core distribution system and ultimately meet the needs of students and organizations from all backgrounds.

Central to the mission of our organization is our focus on accommodating the growing trend towards information technology, computer security and electronic commerce. ability to accommodate all styles of learning. Throughout our virtual campus you will find a learning community that is alive with high technology, educational innovation and personal enrichment. Our online educational platform allows us to serve students all over the world by providing online classroms in a 24/7 environment for maximum conventience, we still emphasize the value of one-to-one relationships that frequently are fostered between our students and faculty. As a result, many students discover the perfect combination that allows them to realize the dream online education from  Braden Institute provides to propel them down their professional career path.

In order to educate people in as many areas of technical expertise as possible, Braden has established a faculty with both strong academic credentials and high certificates of completion of professional integrity.   Most of our senior staff have had executive level positions in information technology and are experts in their field to quickly adopt our curriculum to keep up with the speed of business.   Some certificates of completion offered vary according to availability of our most senior instructors and other administrative factors, our continued commitment to providing leading edge education services results in the continued development of certificate of completion plans that meet the current and emerging needs of our clients.

Our institution values verified career training seminars and programs through other continuing education programs.  If you've acquired advanced training in the military, corporate or private educational workshops, government organization or professional organization then those credits can be submitted for possible credit toward you certificate of completion at Braden.  Braden's policy for prior learning and assessment guidelines could convert training into credits toward a certificate of completion program.

Braden Institute was founded and privately funded by it's directors who possess a unique area of expertise in informaiton technology, business administration, executive level management, law and education that helps guide the educational philosophy and growth of the organization. In an increasingly competitive job market, Braden Institute was designed to serve growing numbers of students across all disciplines. Our faculty and directors have been key "decision makers" and demonstrated a high certificate of completion of success in the workplace thereby strengthening our reputation in the business world.

A college certificate of completion opens doors of opportunity for those who possess them. Braden Institute's continued commitment to innovative education design allows qualified and hard working students of all circumstances to earn these critical job skills to compete in today's economy. By building a strong network of executives, alumni and providing an excellent job placement network you will be armed to face the challenges of modern career development, Braden will continue to grow and succeed. We measure our success by the personal and professional gains of our students and the corporations who employ them in the marketplace.




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